The Accident is always the BEGINNING…

…It’s when the chips are down that we ask the REAL questions.

Yesterday was quite a day…
I found out that my new dogs were born on the same day my last dog died.
I found out that my brother’s wife is having a little “girl.” July 16th. She’s perfect. A first in our family in 20 years. And his wife is 44.
My Mom died 1 year ago.
My sister’s been evacuated from her house in Santa Barbara due to the fires. The day before, she was complaining how her life wasn’t exciting.

“Life Important” becomes realized when “real Life” happens. We have to keep perspective on what is important. Not to say that bills and duties aren’t, but jobs come and go without our control.

Assignment time…
Live today with all the passion you can muster. Do EVERYTHING fully and don’t leave anything you attempt uncompleted. Stop waiting for that “big thing” to happen and live NOW. Do those things that have been haunting you for weeks or months. Get them done TODAY, for tomorrow may never come.

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