Understanding your VALUE…


It’s a dicey thing, this value of ours. We say we’re worth a certain amount, which can and does sometimes come out egotistical. But this value thing is so important.

Recently, a company came to me wanting to do a project. They proposed what they wanted for a given price. I suggested a way to increase their value a hundred fold by having me do some things regarding exposure in a different way. They, of course, loved the idea. But the funny thing was, they expected me to do it anyway for the given price. An assumption. “It’s a great idea. Go for it.”

I believe strongly to give more use value to someone for what they pay, but there’s a point where people sometimes just expect more for nothing. They don’t value what you have, so you have to protect your boundaries and lay down the law.Know when it’s not right.

Don’t drop your price just because someone asks. Don’t de-value yourself because you’re desperate. I’m all for creating a co-operation that values both parties, but not to the disadvantage of one. I want them to get just as much as I’m getting. But there-in lies the rub. Many people never understand what they are getting compared to what you are. They misinterpret and it becomes a competitive plane. And when competition enters, neither party gets what they want.

Stand by your guns. Be fair. Be smart. Know your value and don’t compromise just because someone says to do so or tries to de-value what you have. Believe in yourself and your capabilities.

Have a rockin’ Friday.

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