Art on the wall of MALIBU…


Living here in Star Central Malibu, I get a chance to see some incredible things as well as incredibly creative people. I’m especially proud of this young girl who I’ve watched for a few years become not only a true inspired artist, but an equally inspired person.

My friend Dominique Wuth Sanders (The one on the left) had a great turnout for her new show at CANVAS. A neat store here that has great products and provides a way for artists to display in a creative and unique way. (The owners on the right) Dominique celebrated the opening, as well as her new marriage to cool Movie Composer Buck Sanders. Buck (circled) just completed KNOWING with Nicholas Cage. A great film, btw.

Dominique’s art was light and spirited with visions of levity in perfect execution. 2D and 3D works were displayed throughout the gallery, infused with color, passion and images of wandering scarabs (and not-so-creepy crawlies) just looking to be on their way. My favorite, “Buck Goes to Hollywood,” seemed to touch everyone in a airy sense of wonder, envisioning a bug fearlessly heading across a canvas of mint to encounter the unknown. A perfect color choice, evoking a calm and serene sense that really says what Buck brings to Hollywood. After meeting him, it’s a statement of truth.

Nice job, Dom. Your art is only surpassed by your humbleness and cheer for those that absorbed the work as being a feeling of beauty and grace.

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