The good things in LIFE…


Ah, yes. Food…. like this. It’s a good thing. And the flowers below. They’re good things, too. Remember back in High School where it wasn’t cool to smell flowers? You were any one of 112 names if you did, so, … you just didn’t.

But flowers are the perfect example of growth and abundance. I’ve said this before. One flower grows, and then lays the seeds of hundreds more, in a perfecst union or transfer.

Science tells us that everything is vibration, including your thoughts, feelings and actions… And yes, even your money. Now think about this… If you’re constantly thinking, feeling and acting (what I call going “3 for 3”) as if you “need more, need more,” what’s the real message you’re sending out energetically? You guessed correctly if you said the message is, “You don’t have it.”

The universe hears the real message at the level of vibration and states, “Your wish is my command!” As a result, you’ll end up living your life always wanting but never having. You’ll never get financially wealthy with that strategy.

When you place your attention with gratitude on all the goodness that currently exists, it’s like stating, “Thank you for this. Send me more.” When you get grateful, the universe sends you more to be grateful for.

Winners always give ten times more value than they ask for in return.
The greatest way to attract and create more money (or anything for that matter) is to not need it. Done. Spring is a Sprungin.’ Now I’m having pasta… BOOM.

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