A day of CHILL…


What do YOU do on Sundays? You know, the “Day of Chill” we call it. Some call it Super Sunday, The Sabbath, Game Day or just ….aaaahhhh…

Sundays are and were, since the beginning of time, to be a day to recharge. So, recharge I did. Started out by my dog waking me at 5am!!! She (Sammy) is very determined to do her job, and since she’s taken it upon herself that the job is licking my face until I wake up, she’s very good at it. Try to sleep in, and she just licks harder.

So… awake, I set out to do what I do in this order. Coffee, Emails, Read, Run… then watch is Sammy does the same thing to Kathie at about 8am. We had some fruit, (bananas, oranges, pears), then read a bit from a book by Nona L. Brooks and did a meditation.

10:30 and we were off to the Lake Shrine for a cool Sunday talk with one of the awesome Monks. No, it’s not a freaky religious place, but a very spiritually uplifting talk that covered what it feels like when we lose someone close to us. We met my Dad there and he loved it, and since my Mom died a year ago, it was nice to hear. And Pop isn’t into any sort of religion. (I told him about Facebook, and his only response was “What makes these people think I want to be their friends!?)

A few hours later and we were at Pat’s Topanga Grill for an awesome veggieburger. Live music, great outdoor seating, and Pat’s unique personality. (My Dad had decaf and Pat poured in the wrong coffee, then realized and called my Dad a Basterd for having coffee for babies.) He was kidding, of course, but this is Pat. He’s awesome. He even put a photo of me on his wall. (Why? It might scare away the customers!)

Then, back to the house for some more reading, another bit of quiet time and a short nap. Like I said, a recharge. If you don’t give yourself permission to recharge, it never happens and the stress never lets up.

Do yourself a favor and make Sunday a day of rest. Mentally. Physically too, but it’s really more to rest the mind.


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