Fireball and the BOGIE…

Bogie and the Fireball

Well, I’m very fortunate to be able to hang out with a lot of famous types. You know, Tom Hanks, Russell Crowe, Pamela Anderson. (Just some of the ones I DON’T hang with, duh.) But, every now and then, I get to hang out with true superstars. I mean, BIG stars. So big, they’re eternal. Even God has to step down when THIS dood steps up.

Yes, folks. This is Bogie. Or as I call him, “The Bogester.” Or, “Boginator.” Maybe, ‘Bogalicious.” Or would you believe, just BOGE. Yea, me and Bogie are >< this close. In fact, this shot was taken on set for my new show, “L240aciq3uruhfgu.” (If you can decipher that, you win.) Yes, the show is a secret, and how Bogie stays fit even after he’s a goner is a mystery.

But rest assure, it’s gonna be cool…

Oh, and btw, Bogie is actually super cool actor JOHN TOBIN. (Like, you really thought it was Bogie…)

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