Yea, kinda silly to love a website, but hey…, when things are smooth and easy you gotta love it. To be able to connect with people easily is one of life’s “Official Bitchin’ Things.” OBT’s I call them. And Facebook allows me to connect with family, friends, fans and post silly photos.

Even my wife has a page for her company KCL. Now THAT’S progress if you get my drift. Become a fan so that you can see what silliness she’s up to… but the photos below will give you an indication. I’m sure you’ll recognize some…

And who’s the fabulous woman in the above photo? Well, since you can’t really see her too clearly, she’s my SECRET WEAPON CO-HOST on our new “SECRET SHOW X.” And she, my friends, is the pistol of power. Nice. She’s famous for sure, but I can’t give her away right now. And yes, she’s got a facebook page too.

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