Did someone say UNCLE?…

Dee's got a Bun in the Oven

Wow, time flies….

There I was, minding my own business when I was slammed to the ground with my arm behind me! Given no choice, I had to scream UNCLE! And boom! As of July 16th (on or around there) I’m gonna become one. An Uncle, that is.

My brother, Ethan and his wife Dee are pregnant big time. So, they had a rockin’ cool baby shower… with a full bar I might add. And about 200 people. That’s a lot of presents. But that’s Hollywood, too.

Babies are a big thing in Hollywood. You never know how they’ll grow up and what they’ll become. But a life behind the silver screen is a life of fun and excitement. And,… it a girl. So trying to get them to us the name “Fireball” is out for me. Damn. So, Kathie and I just hung out with Dee’s Sister, Dana, and chowed down on cup cakes.

We had a good time though. And Dee’s show, SAVING GRACE, is doing really well. Ethan, (The other dood with the red hair) is writing a new awesome show, my Dad is writing a musical and just had a meeting with Mickey Rooney, and my sister Jordana is a Director of plays. See. Growing up in Hollywood doesn’t mean that you have a silver spoon. It means that you get challenged to be creative. You want that,… in an field. Being creative is fun, which is why we all liked Art Class and why we like weekends. Freedom of expression.

If you’re feeling cramped or uncreative because of your job, take a moment and think. Ask, “How can I make this more Creative?” How can you have more fun? Don’t tell me “I don’t know.” Just ask,… and wait. Have faith that what you want IS coming to you.

Bun’s in the oven. Major OBT.

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