Cool cars on RODEO…


What a ridiculously cool day! All days should be like this, not just Father’s Day. The main highlight was the 2009 Rodeo Drive Concours d’ Elegance. Seriously expensive machines… in the sun.

My son Sean, Kathie and I strolled among multi-millions of dollars worth of machines including Delahaye, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Bentley, BMW, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Packard, an Electric Cobra, Smarts, Green Vehicles,  Tesal and even a Bentley Chopper. Yea, all cheapies, of course. Let me just take them all, thank you. Even Sean sat in the Lincoln from the TV show “Entourage.”

But on Rodeo, it’s no holds barred. The streets were packed with onlookers… even in the trees. The major highlight of the show was this DDR (Dumb Diamond Ring) on display. At the sheer cheap stupid price of $744,000.00 I mean, come on… Let’s get real. Put something in the window that’s REALLY expensive you bunch a’ lame o’ cheap basterds.What moron got cold feet and stuck the small stone in the window??? Sheesh!

Imagine. Strolling down Rodeo and you “pop” into a wee lil’ store to pick up something for your honey squeeze. A tiny lil’ rock for just under a mil. I’m sorry, but that’s just plain stupid in a really stupid sort of way. What could YOU do with $744,300.00??? Let us begin with making a list of 744,000 things, yo!

But the cars were smokin’ hot.  SO, here we go folks….

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