Get in the MOMENT…


Designing cars is cool. But then again, designing anything is cool. Why?

We struggle throughout the day with all kinds of thoughts. Generally, they’re in the past or we’re worrying about the future. Neither a good place to be. But, for the same reasons we love the weekends, designing keeps us in the moment. And “the moment” is where true creativity exists. Case in point… a Brainstorm Session. Ever been in one at your company? They bring in coffee and doughnuts and you hang out around a big table and just talk ideas. It’s fun and keeps you creative and,… in the moment.

On the weekends, you play like a kid. (Or try to, eh?) Kids ALWAYS exist in the moment. And so, they enjoy life. Big smiles and all fun!

Try this. Notice that when you feel good, it’s because you’re in the moment. Enjoying the trees, food, friends, reading, car shows, whatever. It’s why I write the books above. Yes, I sell them… but for the lame ‘o price of $2.50. The point is that I love cars and books help you to stay in the moment. If I can give a little joy in that for a short period of time to someone, then I’m doing my job. Plus, they’re just fun to do and keep ME in the moment.

But regardless, LIVE NOW. Be grateful for what you have NOW. Appreciate good design and design your life the way you want it. STOP WASTING TIME doing what you don’t want. You’ll blink and suddenly be 80.

Then again, my Pop is 81 and he’s still designing. EVERYONE BETTER BE HAVING A GOOD WEEK??!! Don’t make me have to sick my wife on you! She’s got a mean left hook!!

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