Extremes of PEOPLE…

Freeway Fred

We’re funny creatures. Extremes on both ends. And the last two days were interesting examples of how we can be so extreme.

Day before yesterday, I was on my way to the editing bay heading up the 110 to the 5. Now, any of you who know that transition, know it’s a tight one-laner. Right at the turn, this lady in a Toyota suddenly screeches to a halt. I’m two cars back, watching, in curiousity as to why she would stop, then exit her car in a panic.

A second later revealed a small dog (Freeway Fred) coming around the corner, running along the freeway with a tight cone around his neck. I get out of MY car as it comes towards me, watching as the lady converged. She managed to wrangle the doggie, scoop him up and carry him into the back of her car. An honorable thing in my book and I’m sure most of you who respect animal life would agree. The dog surely would have been killed by an oncoming car on the interchange. And if any of you have even been unfortunate enough to have done that (as I have), it’s a sad moment.

Now, although this was interesting, it’s not my point of extreme. What was REALLY interesting was the man behind me. The one laying on his horn consistently, yelling hugely creative profanities, flipping me off, slamming his steering wheel and carrying on like the world just got the smackdown from aliens.

In the 15 seconds it took to wrangle the doggie, this man worked himself up into a state of complete hysteria. So,… as I walked the 6 feet back to my car, I got a good look at the dood and got to watch his performance up close. And what did I do? Did I get back in my car so that he could pass? Did I try to console him? No.

I walked back to my door, crossed my arms and stood there, …staring at him.

Now THIS was interesting. He REALLY freaked out at this point. So bad that I saw veins begin to bulge in his head and neck. Rage of such intensity that I thought he was gonna pull a “head pop” like that movie SCANNERS. But,… to my disappointment, after about 20 seconds of yelling, he threw up his hands and gave up.

I just smiled at him at this point and stared, him staring back. Then I said… “Are you all finished now?” He sighed steamingly as he watched me get back into my car and move off. A second later, he passed me at a quick clip, waving out the window…. with one finger.

And the doggie? Don’t know. But I’m sure that with a face like this, there was someone out there missing him.

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