Monster in the CLOSET…


Challenges are abundant. This I know. But it’s not the challenge itself, but how I deal with it.

Impatience. This new show I’m doing is right on track. Only, that’s too slow for me. I want it to happen yesterday. (Maybe the day before…) But, in my infinite non-wisdom, I make my situation worse by creating my own frustration. …And that’s when I turn inside.

People laugh when you mention the word “meditation.” But I just look at it like this. It’s been around since like, FOREVER. Thousands of years. (Take a look at the David Lynch Foundation to the right) So, there must be value in it. And all IT is, is closing your eyes to the noise of the world in a quiet place and calming things down. Then, and ONLY then, do the answers you seek come.

And boy does it work… Inspiration, Intuition, whatever you want to call it, is trying to get to you. But, YOUR’E SO DAMN LOUD THAT IT CAN’T!! So? Go into the silence and calm things down. Remove the frustration so things can flow.

And when they do, I play with cars. See? Told you it works. Now try it for yourself. BOOM. Time for coffee…

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