Good God! INCOMING!!!!!!!!


Speaking of Fireworks!!! OMG, check out the dew I had back in ’80. Pretty sure I was nesting Ostrich in that mop. Why’s my Dad smiling? As Mike Myers said in “So I Married an Axe Murderer,” “LOOKS LIKE AN ORANGE ON A TOOTHPICK!”

Wanted to send good wishes out to everyone on this great July 4th. A time to be proud to be human. Doesn’t matter where you’re from, who you are, color, creed or toenail size, it is our God-given right to be free. All of us. So celebrate that freedom this weekend with passion. Be safe, be smart and live to celebrate many more just like it. Every day should be July 4th, really.

And my mop? The Ostrich Farm is doing well, thank you.

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