I love Corndogs…

BugCornDogSammyCornDogOr maybe I should say Corn and Dogs? When you get a new dog, (Mine are 1 year old now) they go through a lot of changes. And the training can be a challenge. But what also comes out is their personality.

Bug, the party spotted CockerPoo is 18lbs. All muscle and has no idea how to use it. Sammy, the girl (weighing in at 10lbs) is highly emotional, but one of the fastest dogs I’ve ever had. A greyhound in CockerPoo clothing.

Yea, I like fast things. But where Sammy is fast, Bug makes up for it in strength. He even grunts like he’s just deadlifted 300lbs. Sammy whimpers as if to say “What about me?”

It’s nice to have small dogs. The poop is small. They can finish off one can. They fit in the car. They’re easy to kick. (The official joke part of this post.) And if you have to pick them up quickly like I did on the beach the other day when some moron let his Rottweiler loose to roam with the little kids, it’s easy to scoop them up.

The big dog was ok, just an excessive amount of slobber.

My wife wants to dress Bug up like Rambo for Halloween. Lame, but maybe he’ll get me extra candy when we take them out? Hm. Could work.

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