Why I like my wife…


Everyone has challenges. Me, you. You, me. And when crap comes up and the stress is peircing you like a red hot poker, …if you get through it, you grow.

My wife Kathie has grown so much in the near 20 years we’ve been together. Far more than me. She’s had to overcome things I never have, jump hurdles that were insurmountable and come out the other side like a rose. Putting up with my “pleasing personality” ain’t easy. I, on the other hand, come out smelling something like a turnip. Not bad, as in rotten, just kinda there. Know what I mean?

Anyway, just a note of gratitude for this little girl right here. To say I was lucky to have her would only dilute how I really feel. What she’s faced and accomplished reminds me of a statement by Edgar Guest…

“You can do it as much as you THINK you can,
But you’ll never accomplish more;
If you’re afraid of yourself young man,
There’s little for you in store.
For failure comes from the INSIDE first,
It’s there if we only knew it,
But you will win, though you face the worst,
If you know that you’re going to do it.”

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