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Hot Rod Spirit Rover

So, in the evenings before dinner, I like to check and update my Netflix. Jostle things around, delete, add, wonder why I picked certain things at all. And most of it is just lame. I must have been on drugs when I picked them. (Caffeine mostly…)

But sometimes I like to randomly snag movies that I never had a chance to see or even remember coming out. And this is one of them. A great IMAX film about 2 Hot Rod Landers (Spirit and Opportunity) that headed to Mars. Unbeleivable CG work makes you wonder why anything in film should be bad) Created by Frank Marshall, the film depicts two of the most incredibly designed JPL Rovers that truly feature the strength of the human spirit.

It’s short, like most IMAX films, but there’s a good “Behind the Scenes,” too. (Maybe a Hot Rod version could be cool to build and tool around town? “Although, it would have to be at least a four seater and sporting 22’s.)

I recommend it because it’s something that all of us should see, simply in order to get a real perspective on how small we are. We struggle every day to make ends meet and face new challenges when to realize the sheer scope of the universe makes those things seem a little less daunting. So in between Friday the 13th, Transformers and Fired Up, put this one in your queue. Cool.

Roving Mars Poster

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