Badass movie COMING…

Well, since Transformers is wall-to-wall money, it’s time to bring out the BIG GUNS. Yea, we love cars, but we love HUGE badass action movies, too. And here’s the skinny on what’s coming from Hollywood when it comes to destruction.

VOLTRON. Dorky Transformers, but more cool on The Annihilation Circuit.

AQUAMAN. Under water adventure. Gotta be a cool sub ‘r two in this one, plus if I have any say, Aquaman needs an underwater ReefCrawler.

TWILIGHT ZONE. Yup. Leonard DiCaprio is helming this movie. My folks produced the 80’s series and did originals of Outer Limits, so in the hands of someone smart, this will be rock solid.

TARZAN. He better be a bonecrusher version, or this Tarzan is gonna go the way of the blonde bimbo. More Conan, less Martini. Cha.

Tarzan B. BadassAquaman B. A. BadassTwilight Zone with LeoVoltron, not Transformer

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