What happens when you live your passion…


Life is a challenge. Now, if you really analyze that statement, it’s really much deeper that it’s superficial meaning.

The point of life isn’t to go out and make money. The point of life is to improve yourself and help others do the same. Period. But it’s hard to do that when you aren’t sure where your place is or what you want. When you love a thing, it manifests in all sorts of ways. But the challenge is, what do you love?

I’ve tried to help people answer that question in seminars, books, discussions, one on ones. And the best way to answer it is to ask, “What do you enjoy on the weekends?”

The weekends are a symbol of freedom. And having passion for something allows you to be free. So, ask yourself. What is it that you look forward to on the weekends and how can you make a living with it?

You can. You must. You will. Stop screwing around. THIS IS YOUR LIFE, not someone else’s. STOP SCREWING AROUND. You keep being lazy and not concentrating and you’ll end up having your worst fears realized.

I love cars. I live cars. I breath cars. They are my life blood. And I will spend the rest of my life creating better ones for every reason I can think of. Fast, slow, green, weird, cool, stylish, bitchin,’ ugly.

I’m not joking here. Get to work. Get out there and find what you love and make it happen. THIS IS YOUR LIFE, SO STOP WASTING TIME!!!!!!!

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