I like coffee, too much…

Sammy Slurping

I admit it. I like coffee too much. And now, my dogs like coffee. (No, they don’t get their own lattes, but they do lick what they can when they can.)

It all started when I was a squirt. My parents would wake up and make the joe for the day. And with 5 kids, that was a lot of joe. But, I would lay in bed, hearing the sound of my Mom clinking and clattering with the coffee pot. There was music in that sound. The pouring, the scooping, the flicking of the switch. Boom. Coffee.

It meant that in just a short time, all 5 kids would be on their bed, coffee cups in hand. All chattering like crazy chickens, making no sense whatsoever. Perfect. And my brand of coffee? My recipe? 2 scoops turbanado sugar, 1/2 cup milk or cream and 1/2 cup coffee. Awww. Bliss.

Of course, I’ve graduated my tastes since then. I’ve weened off the sugar and have soy milk instead so that I don’t turn into a tub, but the jolt has changed, too. Starbucks has supercharged everything. And since my boy now works there, the joe is free more or less. Unless, I go to a different Starbucks, …or Coffee Bean,… or Peet’s,… or 18th Street Coffee, … or City Bakery,… or Malibu Kitchen,… or Groundworks,… or The Rose… Man, I’ve got a problem. Is there a Coffee Anonymous anywhere?

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