Automotive Social Network HELL…

Or heaven as the case may be….

I was talking with my super cool Webguy, Don Burnside, the other day, mentioning how I spend a lot of time talking with people online. Hundreds actually. And when you deal with that many people, things have to go easy. Really easy.

But, some of the ASN’s (Automotive Social Networks) suck bigtime. (Check Don out btw, he’s awesome if you need a lightning fast and easy website!) It can be frustrating to find a network that is cool, and with cool cars, …and is USER FRIENDLY. The last thing you need is to see a really sweet ride and want to make a really sweet comment …only to have the network do a brain fart.

Yea, I know it’s a complex concern, but there IS an answer…

I stick with the ones that work good and fast, are designed well so that I can see the bitchin’ machines easily, and especially the ones where the people have good attitudes. My favorites are,… the newbie FUELTOPIA in Europe, STREETFIRE and Facebook. And of course, right smack here at Car Domain. (Come by and check out the others, though.)

Fueltopia is a great group of folks that love cars and causin’ a wee bit of trouble across the pond. Some seriously cool rides, but a great interface that’s easy and fun to use. Streetfire has the best videos on the web, including crashes and all around stupid car tricks and Facebook is just plain easy to use and to create a page. For yourself or even for your car! And that’s Cool.

Sharing your rides is the culture. People love to be inspired by car coolness, which is a big reason why I like meeting people and experiencing their passions. get your ride online and show it to the world. It’s what we do.


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