Surfin’ to Dukes in a Cruiser…


Over the weekend, it was my buddy Mike’s birthday. So, we grabbed a hold of him and headed to Duke’s in Malibu for some chow via a shiny classic. Only to find more shiny classics!

But, the thing about Mike is that he loves cars and loves to surf. And when someone loves things like surfing that much, then good things happen. Case in point? As we sat down to a cozy nooked table at Duke’s Barefoot Bar, up walked a legend. Ladies and Gents…


Yes, sitting right with us for about 15 minutes was the one and only “real” Gidget from the 50’s. We sat and swapped surf stories, classic cars and life at the beach in the heyday of the Beach Boys. It was awesome.

Now, I’ve been surfing since about ’91, so by no means an expert, but to have this happen on your birthday was a real treat for Mikey. And he’s been a beach bum forever! But also, Gidget is the reason that my wife, Kathie, started surfing in 1965. (She’s to the left, next to our buddy, Bob. Bob’s a sculptor in the movie business.)

So, it was cool to sit with a legend of the beach, have a veggie burg and cruise the classics.

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