Plug In 2009 gets POWERED UP!

For the longest time, green vehicles have been associated with ugliness. Although, social consciousness has risen quite a bit, there’s still room for design aesthetic to marriage with green. And so with that in mind, off we went to PLUG IN 2009 to see what was being done.

The primary focus of the show was infrastructure. (How will the world change to fit the need of green vehicles?) There were a lot of really great solutions and great things to look at, although as I said, still plenty of room for the “cool factor.” I was really impressed with what we saw there. Here’s some goodies…

Plug In retrofits for the Prius at only $900.00.  With additional battery life! Electric HUMMERS! Long Beach, Sacramento, Santa Monica new infra-structure for Electric cars. Electric Grid delivery systems. Chevy Volt systems. Home Plug in’s for 2010. Nissan, MINI and Honda Electric Cars. A great Electric Truck with a unique look….. kinda. A new concept vehicle is called the IDEA. (Fleet leaders and industry experts were given a preview of the IDEA on April 8, 2009, at a customer reveal.)

All in all, PLUG IN 2009 was a real success with a real purpose. check out their website and get an education. There’s no point now at hiding under a rock. The automotive industry is going green. Either get in the game, or sit on the bench.


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