The shoot from HELL…

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Did a commercial over the last few days. Now normally, a commercial shoot can be tough, but not like this. Most the time, things go great IF you have a professional production company. Let’s see, where do I begin?

I can’t mention the client right now, but we shot in Van Nuys and Glendale in over 100 degree heat with a 1st AD (Assistant Director) that seemed to get his jollies out of yelling at people. ‘Scuze me, did I say yelling? I meant to say “Lecturing,” THEN yelling.

When you do a commercial, there are key things that are essential. Like, if something goes wrong, there has to be a Medic on set. By law. UNLESS, the production is too cheap to pay for one and not tell anyone. Mistake #1.

Then, in the heat (and wonderful air from all the fires we’re having) using the yelling tactic to get people to do what you need them to do only makes them do it worse forming the stress, and…. Mistake #2.

Then, people started to get hurt.

Grip Dood #1 slices his head open in a grip truck on a piece of steel. Ouch. Off to the hospital. Grip Dood #2 breaks his wrist doing grip stuff. Ouch. Off to the hospital again. Stunt Actor gets stung in the mouth by a bee in his 7up. Lip swells to gargantuan proportions. Out for the count. Am I done? Oh, no… not even close.

Actor #2, playing a scene on the tennis court gets nailed by a tennis ball,.. close to his OWN balls. Gets pissed, walks off the set. “Why is the Director beaning me with balls?” …was his only comment. That was after he threw a key prop up into a tree to retrieve a frisbee, only to have that key prop get stuck 20 feet up. THEN, he gets bitten by a red ant on the hand. You startin’ to see a pattern?

Am I done? No. Not just yet. Lead Actor #1 is setting up a scene as a food stylist walks up to heat a piece of food on a table set with a steamer. A steamer shoots out scalding hot steam to instantly heat food. Sometimes water. And in this case, a lot of water. And,… as she trips towards the table….

Water shoots out of the tip and lands on the arm of Lead Actor #1!! Giving him 2nd degree burns! Off to the hospital. And what did I do as all this was happening over 2 days? And what does this have to do with cars?

Nice Lincoln, eh? Sweet.

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