Happy Birthday, Kathie


It was Kathie’s birthday the other day, so we set out to do the wife thing. And that, consisted of a day on the beach with Famous Amos cookies and wine. (The wine was for later, duh.) …Or were the cookies for later? Don’t remember because of the wine, I guess.


But that evening, we went to our favorite restaurant in Malibu called Tra Di Noi. Now, it’s our favorite because you can pretty much order anything you want. And they are always looking for new cool dishes. So, since we’re vegetarians, we tried to challenge them. Ordered a Saporiti pasta with Kalamata olives and jalapenos. SPICY!

It was a great day, although I was well done and looked a bit like a roast chicken. Um, veggie chicken, I mean. Ah, summer. Love it.

My Kathie is another day younger. Happy Birthday again, sweetie.

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