Labor Day…..?

Malibu Hell

Ah Labor Day Weekend. Otherwise known as “Insane Drivers on a Rampage and Cops on Every Corner giving tickets for whatever they possibly can While Traffic Halts Our City to a Standstill.” I call it the IDRCECTWTHOCS Effect. Or The ID THOC for short. Or maybe iDOC? Yea, I like that.

So, as the iDOC plagues my tiny town, what do I do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I sit on my balcony and watch the world scamper and skittle, arguing, sirening (No, that’s not a word, but I just heard a fire engine go by…) and trafficking. So, I’m grabbing some pasta, with meatballs, with Kathie, with my poochies and we’re going to watch it all happen like a crazy out of control movie.

It’s actually the best show in the house. Oh, and it lasts all weekend.

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