Ok, who’s running who…?

Bug and Sammy wanna go bye, bye.

Got up early this morning to take a run and guess who wanted to go. Yes, Bug and Sammy. Have you ever tried running with two pups who want to smell and sniff everything in site? For every step I take, they take 12.

But how can you say no to faces like that?

Sunday is today, right? Ok, what am I doing today? Oh…

Run. Wups, already did that. Ok, so at 11am I’m heading to the Lake Shrine for a service. Looking forward to that as I always do because it’s a blast. Strange, eh? Going to a service and saying that? But it is. It’s fun and also enlightening. You are what you believe, and I believe that I’ll have a banana now.(See how I segued out of that oh so nicely?) Yea, whatever FT.

Since my wife is heading to Redondo Beach at 3pm, I’m free as a bird this afternoon to get stuff done. (She’s going to be gone for 122 hours dues to traffic, so I have plenty of time!) Think I’ll go into town and check out cars…


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