I like old cars. But not just ANY old cars. Concept Cars. Cars with vision. Visions of futures that never happened. It was the reason I like Tomorrowland at Disney and then became their Chief Designer in the late 80’s. But these cars were created with an intense vision that was unlike anything anyone had ever seem. And it influenced millions.

So, I set it upon myself to ask WHAT IF? What if we were to re-design the visions of tomorrow, but with a mind for today? And then, I got a little squirrly with it. Oops. The result? MOTORAMA MAYHEM!!!!

The bodies of the old ones are cool for sure. But nowadays, design is more than just form. It’s texture, color, light, purpose. We’re pretty advanced now, so movies like THE CRAWLING EYE don’t really cut it. Get my drift? I even took keys on these new versions from my Uncle Mike’s Hawker Sea Fury Racing Plane. He was a big cheese racer in the 60’s and won every race. (That’s ’cause the flames intimidated everyone…)

Motorama Shows of the 50’s inspired generations. Proposing what was next. But unfortunately, cars still don’t fly. They should… and will if I get a hold of ’em.


Firebird 1 from the 50'sFireball's Firebird 1Fireball's Firebird 1FireHawkerFirebird 2 from the 50'sFireball's Firebird 2Fireball's Firebird 2Firebird 3 from the 50'sFireball's Firebird 3Fireball's Firebird 3

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