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Man, life can be like a sucked out orange. You get swooped up in what you think is important, only to realize (if you’re lucky), that it’s not important AT ALL.

Life changes in such small increments that it’s almost imperceptible. But one thing is for sure, the Law of Growth keeps things growing. And you grow whether you like it or not.

Many people in this world believe that if they live a good and honest life, they’ll go to heaven. Sorry folks, hate to burst the bubble, but life is heaven or hell RIGHT NOW. God, or the great Almighty whatever it is, is no preceptor of people. It doesn’t care whether you’ve been good or bad, black or white, green or purple. If you’re life is good now, it’s because you think and act good. If your life is hell, it’s because you’re in fear and lack, caused by your thoughts and expressed in your life realization. If you actually take the time to think about this, you’ll realize that those who spent their time complaining about what they doon’t have, are actually keeping what they want from them.

But this is good news. It means that your life can be whatever you choose it to be. YOU, have the power of choice. Now, that doesn’t mean you aren’t going to get challenges, deaths, bummers and bad thoughts. They come. And they come to help us grow and become more. But it’s not those things that are important. It’s how you look and deal with them. If you allow those bummers to control you, your life can become a living hell. Mentally AND physically. And those that continue to try and control everything, including others, find that their lives cease to be enjoyable. They end up have physical ailments and bring more of what they don’t want.

Thinking positive isn’t just two words. It’s not as simple as it sounds. It’s tough to maintain your thoughts positively. But it’s so worth it.

Learn to appreciate what’s important. NOW. Don’t say, “Boy won’t it be great when blank happens?” (I may look like a dork in the above photo, but my Dad and my wife are the most important people in my life and I love them dearly. Despite my silly hat.)

I don’t care how you get the following book. But get it NOW. Joseph Murphy’s “THE POWER OF YOUR SUBCONCIOUS MIND.” I’m not linking it, because I want you to discover it on your own. I’m not screwing around here. It WILL change your life and help you to realize “the truth.” Your life CAN be perfect.

I love my family and my friends. I love those that come here to read this blog because they feel that it might be enjoyable for them. There might be something of value. I appreciate that I can do that for someone. Anyone, and I thank you.

Replace thoughts of fear with their opposites. Banish them. Think health. Think growth. Think prosperity. Think LOVE. It may not have anything to do with cars, but it’s the most important thing in the world, and you need to realize it now.

Have a great week, all.

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