Nate Truman: Fireball PICK OF THE WEEK

So, my buddy Nate is an interesting guy. Not because he’s a huge MOVIE CAR buff or that he drives an exact replica of the original BATMOBILE. Street Legal.

Nate is interesting because he GIVES in special ways. His website is filled with tremendous inspirations for those so inclined to visit, but with his car and STAR CAR CENTRAL, his group travels to shows for free to give them glimpses of cool Hollywood Icons. (Be sure to check out the website) Whether it’s parades, hospitals or car shows, Nate’s group makes an impact.

Before you can give back to anyone, you have to truly find what you love to do. Don’t get me wrong, everyone can use a helping hand, but the one thing that people need most is inspiration. Seeds that help internally to grow prosperity, health and the true things that make a difference.

Big kudos to Nate and all those out there that are working to give their time, work and devotion to people less fortunate. Like attracts like. Give and what comes back will be 10-fold. Nate is “AUTOINSPIRATION.”

I hope he gives me a ride in that beast…


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