Fireball’s Autoinspiration #2 Imagination

Everyone loves concepts. New cars that come out reflecting wild visions of future rides, future hot rods you want to build and concept art from film. But why?

We all want to be “inspired.” Being inspired leads us to action. The best kind of action. And in action, we create and manifest our lives in positive ways.

I get tons of emails from car people showing me their latest rides and concepts. That inspires me to always push the envelope. You guys keep “me” going. With our day in and day out lives, our only true escape is imagination. It’s why we like going to movies, watching “good” TV and socializing. Ideas make us use our imaginations creatively, then we work out plans to make those visions real. And the best part is that we share it in lots of ways. But they arent’ just cars.

We are all designers of sorts. You can design a weekend, a trip to Europe, a canyon run, clothing, an evening dinner. We draw, build, go to car shows, create, watch what we hope will be something good at the movies, just plain have fun to use our imaginations and build “our lives.” Something to make them better. My hope is that my books help to do that for you.

These books give a bit of background as to how cars for film are envisioned. But since it costs so much to buy things nowadays, I decided to create ebooks so that everyone could have them cheaply. Super cheap. They cover designs for “Gone in 60 Seconds,” “Batman,” “Green Hornet” and even Weapons like the H2Obliterator and the EMOdistruptor. I’ll keep ’em coming as long as you guys want them. Check ’em out and let me know what you think.


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