What is my INTENTION…


What does THAT mean?

I was talking with a my wife the other day, trying to discover the essence of success. Why do some become successful and others fail to move forward? Well, many people will say many different reasons. But are there different reasons? After talking for about 2 hours, I had a realization. People become successful because they WANT it. Now, you might say “Hey Fireball! That doesn’t make sense! I want it, but don’t have it!” Well, that may be true, but let’s see if we can get to the bottom of this.

Wanting it is obviously not enough. If it were, we’d all be rollin’ in dough. The answer isn’t wanting it. The answer is… What is your INTENTION?  You have to have a clear picture of what you want. #1. Then, you have to have the intention to get it.#2. But you don’t have to know how!

Oh, I can REALLY hear the complaining now. “But, what if I fail? What if it’s the wrong thing? What if I stub my toe and then get abducted by aliens?” (Yea, that WOULD suck) Ok, here’s the thing…

Stop whining! Stop complaining! Stop worrying! Stop taking the train to nowheresville.  START having a clear concise picture in your mind of what you want. START by taking one step. START by believing that you deserve everything that you could ever dream of.  And START NOW.

“Just take the first step. You don’t have to climb the whole staircase.”

Martin Luther King

Any moron can give up. I know 2 that did last week. Both killed themselves, along with their family members.

Do this… Look back on your life with your eyes closed. Remember a time where you were successful at something. Remember what that felt like? Feel it now, as if what you want now has come true. Feel that all the time. FORCE it. Don’t give up, don’t waiver, don’t talk about how bad things are, EVER. GET DOWN TO BUSINESS NOW.

What is YOUR intention? Are you going to let this day  disappear without making it a success and feeling good? Not me. Join me now and make this day a day to remember. And contemplate those that didn’t make it. (But don’t worry, they’ll get another chance.)

And I highly recommend Dr. Joseph Murphy for a great read. Have a great Monday… thru Friday. It’s going to be an AWESOME week.

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