Cars as a metaphor to SUCCESS?


Heck yea!

Why do I love cars? They MOVE me. In more ways than one. Now, let’s consider this for our Monday morning. Ready?

Cars take us from place to place. Increasing our experience. Expanding our knowledge of the world and ourselves. (That’s why I always like to take new roads.) But, cars are based in ACTION, EXCITEMENT, ANTICIPATION and many other words that represent movement. And we don’t get squat unless we get off our butt and move.

Depressed? Having a bad day? Stop whining and MOVE. Get busy, dangit.

Close your eyes. Design your day, then LIVE IT. And get a cool car ’cause it helps;-)

Oh, and the book for the week? Prentice Mulford’s “THOUGHT ARE THINGS.”

Go get ’em, killer!

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