Woodies hit THE BU…

Crusin’ up PCH in LA is always a kick. You get to see the coolest cars on the planet, basically all in one place. Old, new, short, fat, fast, slow, pinched, ported. Whatever is possible with a car, you’re gonna see it here. AND, see them get ticketed. (Poor things)

So, as with most weekends, I jumped in my jalopy and headed up into town. And what did I see, but a hellish amount of Woodies appearing before me. They were all dressed in chrome, colored flames and wood, eager to head beachside, and be up to no good. When all of a sudden, my camera snapped forth, and shutter’d away shots so as not to be bored…th. (Lame)

I salivatory glands were working too hard, trying to keep up with my filling camera card… when to my dissapoint, my wife yelled a flux, “Stop taking pix, you dork, and let’s get to Starbucks!”

So,… we did. Cool Woodies though, eh?


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