Ima goin’ to VEGAS, baby…

Why Vegas? Well, that’s kind of a silly question considering… Unless you’ve never been? And if you haven’t, then keep an eye smack dab right here!

Why do people go to Vegas? ‘Cause it’s there… and we need to have fun. So, with that in mind, I’m off to SEMA for next week. “The Specialty Excellent MuchoCool Association of Car Stuff.” I’m pretty sure that what it stands for. Whatever. It starts Tuesday, the 3rd and goes through Friday.

I’ll be ransacking new companies to see what’s “bitchin'” and exposing what’s a waste of time. Look for EXCLUSIVE daily shots on my blog and the Car Domain Blog ever day of the show! Cool Cars, Cool Gadgets, Cute SEMA Hostess’s and all around nonsense. It’s SEMA, gone wrong…

For a peek at least year’s worst car, HIT IT.

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