Fireball SEMA Day 1/2…

FT2VegasSo, into to Vegas I’ve come for COOL CAR SMACKDOWN!

Snuck in to see some of the best rides up close without the crowd since the show opens tomorrow. They weren’t gonna let me in until I told them who I was. Then, they DEFINITELY didn’t want me to come in. So, I jumped the fire encrusted SEMA fence and was nearly captured by vicious cockerpoos. Whew… The first non-surprise is that there was 250,000 Camaros everywhere. Lame. I mean, if you’re going to SEMA, and you want to stand out, then get the car that EVERYONE else will have. Make sense? Not.

But here’s a sneek anyway for what’s coming this week. So far, the rides are smolderin.’ From cool SCIONS from 5Axis to a Nasty Chrome Green FORD FOCUS from ma buddy Gary Watson at CNC. Nice job, G.

Old school, new school, and Detention. Yea.

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