Fireball SEMA Day 1! IT’S OPEN!!

FT2VegasClambering over mounds of insane car nuts, I scampered for the doors to SEMA. Elbow clocking, crotch kicking, upper cut chucking. It was a nasty scene. BUT, I managed to get in with only a broken collar bone and a head gash. Only 4 inches long right through the left eye. But don’t worry. I’m ok.

And what did my good eye perceive? … Camaros. Ug. So, while everyone’s posting Camaros, I’ll post other stuff. Like this! My hotel.

The Shining

Oh, and other things. Things like AWESOME DRAGTRACKS from my buddies at… well, Dragtracks. A super cool “green ride” from Local Motors, wild sculpted tranny covers from Zingology, an ECOMUSCLE Challenger from our friends at Popular Mechanics! Yes, an electric Challenger. THEN… a sick beast from some boys in Vancouver, Future Vehicle Technologies, who are gonna lay the smackdown for the X-Prize…eh, and great passionate people like Jack Lawford from HotRod HotLine.

What a frikkin’ cool day! PLUS… SEMA BABES. Not in this post, folks. But RIGHT AFTER. They get their own lil’ section, and since there aren’t many, soak it up.

Note to Car Domain: If you keep sending gorgeous girls like the one in your booth to shows, we’re all going to have to take more cold showers…. Onward!

Best of Show

Best New Product: Actually, this cool lil’ scanner scans the products you want info on. But it was cooler than all the products. Hm. Kinda says a lot about what was new… don’t it.

Mr. SpikeyWheelMr. SpookyLightMr. I Drive An Electric Car and I'm CoolLocal Motors Cool CarMr. SkullSquinterMr. Not Happy Pumpkin5Axis ToyotaMr. PsychoCyclePopular Mechanics EcoMuscleOhhh, say can you see cool cars???Mr. SuperCool SuperBirdDragTracks!Mr. LFAyyyyyyyyyy.....

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