Fireball SEMA Day 2! Celebrities!

Whew, are my dogs a smokin!’ Pretty sure I’ve walked about 200 miles today, and fended off 200,000 elbows. (Been using my Starbucks cups as defense. Work pretty dang good.) Although the cars were cool, the celebrities showed up in full force! My buddy, MAD MIKE from “Pimp My Ride,” Superstar DAN WOODS from “Chop, Cut, Rebuild,” SuperModel Extraordinaire GENEVIEVE CHAPPELL and TunerSmokin’Hottie CORISSA FURR were struttin’ their gorgeousness.

BEST NEW PRODUCT? LifeTime Oil Filter! They guys really have an awesome product. Never want to buy another filter? Then this is the one for you. Awesome Billet construction and test proven. It gets the Fireball Award!

Rat Rods, my Official Fireball Charger, a bitchin’ Hot Rod from PRO COMP CUSTOMS, super cool bikes, a cool STONEHENGE SERIES Jeep, awesome unique wheels from KURV… and me? I got to hang with my buddy Alan on Car&Driver Radio.

What’s in store for DAY 3? I’m puttin’ on my battle gear and getting ready for North Hall Antics. We’re filming and an episode for “World of Cars” will be up in a week or so. Make sure you subscribe! Rest assured, insanity will ensue manana…

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