A new BLOG…

TheInfiniteBlogWe all have two sides. Our fun side, and our serious side. This, The Fireball Tim Blog, is for fun. I do what I can around cars and have a good time with it. Based on the response, you guys seem to like the looniness, so I keep doing it. And I’m very grateful that I can. But, there’s a very serious side as well. The side that has gotten me here. The side that I attribute ALL of my success, in whatever form. I’m not talking about just money. But, health, love and wisdom (Still working on that last one 😉

Today, I introduce a whole new blog. A blog that has been created to help others become what they want to become. To make their lives better. This is how I’ve done it, and how you can too. I will not make a penny off this, and I don’t intend to. It is for you. My friends. Anyone willing to put in the work to make “great change” for the better.

This is not a gimmick. It’s not a joke. PLEASE. Go to this blog and check it out. Subscribe. If you begin this journey, it will shift the very course of your being. And you will discover, it is what makes EVERYONE healthy, wealthy and wise.

And remember. This is not “my” advice. Only my journey that I’m will to share. I’m learning new things every day. It’s very personal, but effective. And it’s worked from day 1. But, it’s going to take patience and effort. Do it. You’ll never regret it.

I’m excited to introduce to you all, THE INFINITE BLOG.

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