I’ma makin’ CANDY dangit…

The Fireball Pad, only really tiny.

It’s the Holidays. And I’m makin’ candy. Toffee and Carmels to be specific. Why?

What, are you kidding? Check out these lip smackers and tell me you don’t want some. I just gotta figure out a way to convince Kathie that we need to keep some for ourselves. (They’re gifts… DANGIT!)

And what else is goin’ on for the Hoopy Halidays? LOTS OF CHEER! Went to the SRF Mt. Washington to spread happy cheer and relax, then gotta NIPLICK from my doggie BUG, then Kathie built a few stuffed poochies for outr lil’ nieces and nephews. IN THE KITCHEN! Spank! Now where to I keep my carmels??!!!

Shhh… she’s probably gonna read this. DON’T SAY A WORD!

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