Fireball gets a new toy for Christmas…

So. Contemplation time. Should I? Should I not? If only I had a flower to which I could yank pedals. Or a coin? Maybe rock, paper scissors?

I’m here at American Classic Cars, browsing. Browsing for an idea. An idea placed in my noggen from a new client that wants me to SLAM! CHOP! CUT! …AND DESIGN AWESOMENESS!!!!!!! Who’s the client? Oh, do tell….

Ok. Relax. Ommmmm…. Maybe a yogurt would help. Wait. I don’t really like yogurt. Why am I talking to myself all of a sudden? Ok. Get a grip. Just pick one, Fireball….

The orange hot rod here is only a million bucks. (Think I’ll skip that one.) Good. I’m pairing it down. Maybe something in the $3.99 range? Maybe something different than a Hot Rod? Maybe…

What will I do with it when I get it and bring it to the shop? :-0

“Something wicked this way comes….

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