Party with the Princess, …yo.

So, there I was, minding my own business… sitting in my cozies and on the computer when… BAM! I get a call from my friend jt. He says to me, he says… “Fireball! Does Kathie have a long dress?” I’m like… “what?”

Then, he proceeds to say “If you can get down here right smack quick, you gotta come to this here party. Only 40 people and the “Princess” wants to meet you.” And I said… “what?” He SCREAMS….“A PRINCESS! AN HONEST TO GOODNESS ROYAL FEMME!!”

I sat there, thinking… “What the heck did he just say?” So…

BAM! In the car we went to Santa Monica, Suit, Dress, Tie. TIE???? WHAT THE TICK???!!! Yup, I caved…. Put the tie on. She was a Princess and I had to look snappy for royalty. I even changed my undies.

And was she for real? You better believe it. Princess Lilly Lawrence. Godchild to Onassis. Family friend of JFK and Jackie. Wow. I was sweatin’ bullets…

AND………she was a sweetheart. And… it was Christmas. And… we had a blast! We even met LA Times Journalist, Ann Brenoff and her daughter Sophie. Great people. And, did I mention that Princess Lilly had several of Elvis’ cars? More on that later.

Party with the Princess. …”What?” How the heck did THAT happen?

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