Movie Car success at CBS!

Wow, what a cool day of shenanagans. (Is that spelled right? Like, does it matter?)

It’s pretty wild and fun to see a movie car at a show, but to see 30 of them at once was over the top! Way early, I headed to CVS to pick up my ride (The Fast & Furious Charger) and join up with several guys there. My buddy Bob brought in his original TV Series General Lee, Frank in the F&F Hot Rod Truck and a Tango & Cash beast.

We hung out all day at CBS with the likes of Adam Carola, Autoweek supereditor Mark Vaughn, KABC’s Dave Kunz and even Sophia Loren! Yes, she digs cars. (And no, I didn’t take a picture with her, but shot our new episode.) That will premiere at the end of the month. But, big thanks to Ken Latka and Tim Wong of TMPCC for hosting and Nate from Star Car Central for bringing the bad boys of movie cars. So, nuf’ of the wurds… On with the show…

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