It’s raining cats and dogs and…


Last night Kathie and I were getting ready for a great dinner. Sit down and watch “Taken.” Awesome flick. Pasta was done. Salad was made. Plates were out… when suddenly.


All the lights went out in the house. But not just ours. EVERY house within a mile was BLACK. So, we pulled out a flashlight, searched for matches and found two. Lit some candles and scooped the dinner.

The dogs were freaking, as they never experienced a black out before. The rain escalated to thunder and lightning. BIGTIME. An hour previously, as the dark grey went darker, Kathie saw something large fly by the bedroom window and land on the roof. What is it? Still don’t know yet.

We chowed by candlelight, ate and enjoyed ourselves. Afterwards, I switched everything to the “off” position, we read by the candles to the likes of Rebecca Beard and went to sleep. Midnight rolled around and I awoke to a bright light in my face. One I forgot to turn off. I checked downstairs for anything else, then scrambled back into bed.

CUT TO: 1:30am. A smell. A smell of garlic. A smell of burnt garlic. Kathie had a dream that she left the water running in the tub. It scared her and she woke me up. I went back downstairs and checked to see… that the stove burner was still ON. We forgot to put the pasta away in the dark and it continued to cook for 6 hours!

Needless to say,… it’s done.

Ah. Life’s an adventure. Welcome to it, folks.

(Photo: AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

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