Fireball’s Mini Cooper Killers?

Now, Mini Coopers have cornered the market on funky cool. This much we know. But there’s a lot of hot hatches out there and more coming. But is there really a “MCK” out there?

Case in point… The Audi A1 and Citroen Ds3. I’ve heard a lot about these lil’ beasts taking away a wee bit of the Mini control. But, I think not. The doods that buy a MINI are into levity. The A1 and Ds3 are anything but funny.

These two road rockets are destined to be serious pocket powered attitude generators. Therefore, they’re different. But which one is for you? And which one is for me?

The ONLY way judge is to get behind the wheel and lay down the hammer. Let’s see if Audi and Citroen are up for a Fireball foot smack…

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