The Diecast SuperCon DAY2…

Last night was the Diecast Space Hall of Fame induction ceremony. A fantastic awards show celebrating those who have done great work in the car world as Designers, Customizers and Historians.

Although it was just my time to watch and have a great time with buddies like Chip Foose, Carson Lev and Larry Woods, the show celebrated Diecast giants like Jeff Glasson from Saturday Nitro, Don “The Snake” Prudhomme, Dale Earnhardt Sr, Tom “Mongoose” McEwen, Miq Willmott and many others. Congratulations to all of them for keeping the sport of diecast cars alive and well.

It was really something to be a part of, with great legends of Hot Wheels, Johnny Lightning and many other cool brands. And big thanks to host Joe Kelly for doing such a fantastic job!

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