Announcing Fireball Tim DRAGTRACKS!!!

Holy cow, this is the best thing to happen in diecast since,… well, the first diecast car!!! I’m so excited about this new system that I can’t wait until I can pop it outta the box and play with it myself! And… I HAVE! Check it out!

We revealed a prototype at the Diecast Convention in Vegas over the weekend and it was a huge success, so you guys have to check it out. There’s nothing out there like it, and when I say it’s just like REAL DRAG RACING.. I mean it! Even Chip and I did the drags. Who won? Not gonna say… Ok fine, he laid the smackdown… but I couldn’t beat the Chipster, right?

Head to my all new website and check out the super cool DRAGTRACKS system. Whether you’re a kid, adult, or somewhere in between, you’re gonna have a blast!!

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