Off to Hollywood for Oscar insanity…

Today is Oscar day. What the heck was I thinking by going to Hollywood for my son’s birthday yesterday to see “Alice in Wonderland?” He’s 22.

Well, we do things like that. Insane Traffic. Insane Parking. Insane People. And… Insane Movie! It was awesome btw. But they were setting up Hollywood Blvd for the Oscars, bigtime.

Walking the streets of Hollywood at this time is a radical experience. Coming out on the plastic covered red carpet at the Kodak Theater to see all the Press was nuts. And all waiting for me, no less! Not. Kathie was trying to call my agent, saying that I wasn’t even informed! The noive…. But they we’re getting ready for the biggest show on the planet which airs today.And who’s my fav? Avatar, duh.

Alice in Wonderland in 3D was spectacular. Tim Burton really pulled it off this time. See it. Live it. But don’t smoke it. Afterwards, we headed off to Culver City for some cool Mexican at Kay and Dave’s.

Today for Oscar? Big ass party.

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