What’s up at the Fireball pad this week?

It’s crazy time. Never, in all the years that I’ve been into cars has there been a more active period. It’s wild and 2010 is steppin’ up to the plate with tons of fun stuff. Although I can’t reveal too much in detail, (’cause I’ll be shot…) I can say that we have several possible builds in the works. Hm… howz about a list… to get me started so I can stay oorgonizzed?

1. I’d like to work with a major automotive manufacturer for a possible SEMA car. No, it’s not SMART. But something serious. BOOM!

2. I’d like to work with another big company on another build… for SEMA.Wait. Two? Am I nuts? DON’T ANSWER THAT!

3. How about develop a new TV Show that’s gonna be a blast? But we have to sell it first, duh. OKAY, BOOM!

4. All new Dragtracks are finally here! Gonna be playing with it at RCX. Plus, we’ll be joined by our friends at Sport Chassis. BIG BEASTY above…

5. So many events, I can’t even hold them all in my pea brain. But, after RCX, it’s “officially crazy time.”

6. How about working with a company that makes deliciousness? Edible cars? Nope, but nice guess.

7. And an all new episode of “WORLD OF CARS” coming next week!! Sweet! Look for it all over the web. Yes, it’ll be funny… and stupid… and… about cars!

8. New tattoo… Ouch. Should I skip that?  NO WAY, JOSE!!!!

All in all, not bad for the first 2 months of the year. I mean… if it all happens, right? If I’m gonna cause trouble, I might as well have fun along the way?

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