BMW gives chase…

Cruisin’ through Santa Monica yesterday, I spotted this clad BMW. I said “hey, I gotta snap me a shot of that beast!”

I pulled along side after I shot this one, and ONLY this one. The guy took one look “at me.” Said… “Oh #@&*!!” Then took off a runnin!’ I mean, I wasn’t even holding the camera!

Behind him was another one just like it and he came screamin’ by me like they both just saw a ghost. Now, I admit, I’m not the best looking dood on the globe, but I’m no ghost either. But,… I am The Fireball. So, if you mess with The Fireball, you get “spiced.”

So, I chased them for a bit just to make them nervous. And they drove like they were Domino’s driver about to lose $10 bucks for being late. They made about 42 violations along the way. I only made 32. Snap!

One thing’s for sure. This series BMW handles pretty well in a chase. Maybe “The Transporter” should get back IN one?

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