AUTOTRADER hangs at the pad…

So there I was, minding my own business when KNOCK, KNOCK!

And boom, AutoTrader Classics big wig Don Dixon appears at the shop. (Well, we actually had a meeting scheduled because Don’s a buddy and we’re doing something cool. But that wouldn’t sound as cool. Or,… does it?) What are we doing, talking with AutoTrader Classics?

Ahh, the question… Well, that can’t be answered just yet, but very soon. So, as we discussed things, (See how I side skirted that all together? I’m so shifty…) Don decided he wanted to “steal” our Flintstones Masarocki out of the shop! But, I caught him. Otherwise, he would have tried to escape. And then the car would be in the mag. He’s very focused, you know.

Then! He decided he was ready for his close up. And since we have all the Academy Award statues from the last awards show, he got a snapshot. Oooo, that nutty guy.

Anyway, Don loves cars. And that’s why we’re hangin’ out at the shop. Something this way comes… and comes it soon.

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